Keyword Research

Keyword research is a very important part of any digital strategy. You have to know what you customers will be searching for when they are looking online for a product or service. The terms people will use to search are based on what they need and not necessarily what you would call the product.

This week in work I was working on a blog post for suggested Christmas gifts for men, as I began to fill in the keywords associated with post I realised that people searching in Ireland might also look for ‘xmas presents’  as well as ‘christmas gifts’.

The Google Keyword tool will help you with this research. You can select to research in a certain location and the tool will give you global and local monthly searches for the keyword. This is very helpful in my case where I want to specifically target Ireland as a market but also know I have customers in international markets searching for our products.

You will need to know the terms people will be searching when looking for your products for your SEO, PPC, Blog Posts, Newsletter and Social media content.


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